Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Favorite Memory: Horseback Riding - By Ivy

I think I've loved horses since the day I was born (actually probably since before I was born if that's possible), so of course my favorite memory is about horses. And obviously this is Ivy, lover of all things horse related!

I think my favorite memory is of when I was five years old and Mom was visiting a friend of her's and I was tagging along. There was a swing out by their pond so Mom said I could go out and swing. That was pretty fun until low and behold I looked to my right and there, not more than twenty feet away from me was a real, live horse. I was so excited I almost fell right off the swing. 

Of course I wanted to pet the horse but it was to tall for me to reach from across the fence so I ran inside, shouting the whole time even though I know I'm not supposed to yell inside. Mom and Mrs. Puzzle were worried, thinking something bad had happened, but finally they realized I was excited about the horse. 

Mrs. Puzzle said that she would come out with me and I could feed Cowboy, that was the horse's name, a carrot. I couldn't stop jumping up and down with joy after I heard that. Mom smiled at me and said maybe I should calm down so I didn't scare Cowboy. 

After we fed Cowboy, Mrs. Puzzle asked me if I wanted to ride the horse. And did I ever! I had only dreamed of riding a horse since before I could walk, talk or even eat on my own!

Mrs. Puzzle said she would hold on to the horse, but I should grab a bunch of his hair (which I now know is called a mane) and that would help me stay on. I just got a short ride, but it was one of the most exciting things I've ever gotten to do.

I'm so happy that Mrs. Puzzle let me ride her horse!

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