Welcome Everyone! Yea! Looks like a party in here. Thanks for stopping by, I love company! 

I’m Olivia Hall and I’m twelve years old, which is the oldest of the Action Kids. Action Kids is a club we started because our families work together and live near each other.
We are all supposed to tell you a little bit about ourselves. I just did though, and I could say more, but I don’t want to ramble. Here’s a list we were supposed to fill out: 

Favorite Food: Apples. Or bananas. Or pears. Can I just say fruit salad? 

Least Favorite Food: Broccoli 

Favorite Pastime: How am I supposed to choose? I like going shopping and hanging out with friends, does that count? 

Choice of Career: I want to either own a restaurant or be a head chief at one 

Best Friend: Tara Williams. She’s so much fun and will listen to me yack and yack. Ivy’s great, too. She can make everyone laugh. Alex, my brother, is cool to hang out with as well. Goodness, can I just say all the Action Kids

Favorite Sport: I just enjoy cheering for whatever sport has the biggest crowd. I love people! 

Favorite Color: Pink. Or Red. Oh, I know, brown and pink together 

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