Hey Everyone! So, I’m Ivy Bennett. I’m nine, which is the youngest of all the Action Kids, I think it’s so neat that I hold that place in our group. Nobody would ever guess it to look at me though, because I’m big for my age. Also, I act really grown up because I’m an only child, therefore I’m around adults a lot. 

Something that’s really cool about me is I have a horse. A HORSE! Can you believe it? Horses are so much fun. My horse’s name is Rookie. Ok, so Rookie isn’t actually mine, he belongs to a stable nearby, but I get to go down and do stuff with him almost every day. The owners of the stable say that I’m ‘a natural when it comes to horses’. Isn’t that so exciting? 

Favorite Food: Baked potatoes, corn on the cob, green-bean casserole, fish-sticks and pizza

Least Favorite Food: Baked beans and okra; I've only had okra once, though

Favorite Pastime: Horseback riding, of course. Although, just being around horses is fun, too

Choice of Career: I’m going to marry a really rich cowboy from Texas so I can live on a ranch and train horses. I want to have a hundred horses

Best Friend: That would have to be Olivia, we have so much fun together! I like Tara, too, but she’s afraid of horses. 

Favorite Sport: Horseback riding is a sport, although some people don’t know that. Of course that would be my absolute favorite

Favorite Color: PurplePurplePurple! Purple is so beautiful 

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