Hey Guys! What’s up? I’m Caleb Anderson and I’m twelve years old. My older brother Andrew says I’m a born leader. I sure hope so because my dream is to one day be the CEO of a huge company. For now though, I just focus on helping lead Action Kids, which is the club I’m a part of, along with five other kids. We have a lot of fun adventures and get to solve some pretty cool mysteries, so you might just want to hang around for a little bit and see what’s going on. 

Favorite Food: Stake and mashed potatoes with gravy 

Least Favorite Food: Pumpkin pie  

Favorite Pastime: That’s a hard one. I like going on bike rides, playing basketball, building forts and reading survival and adventure books 

Choice of Career: CEO of a large company 

Best Friend: My brother, Andrew. I also have a lot of fun with Nathan and Alex 

Favorite Sport: Basketball 

Favorite Color: Orange is pretty rad 

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