Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Favorite Memory: Alex's Birthday Treasure Hunt - By Olivia

Hello! So, today it's my turn to share one of my favorite memories with all of you. This is Olivia by the way, and it was my idea to share the memories in the first place because I thought it would be a really cool way for us to get to know each other better. 

One of my favorite memories are from last summer when Mom and Dad decided to do a treasure hunt for Alex on his birthday. I know, it's kinda weird that one of my favorite memories is from my brother's birthday, isn't it? But it was so much fun

First of all we blindfolded him and then drove to the zoo (he had no clue where we were) and met several of his best friends there. Then, Dad took the blind fold off and gave Alex his first clue. We all had to help him figure it out and then do whatever the clue told us to, then we'd get the next one. 

(Photo taken by Kay Davis)

We got to do some pretty crazy things including riding on a camel, holding the door (to the gift store, bathroom or whatever, it didn't matter) open for a stranger, thank one of the zoo staff for their work, pet a shark in the hands on exhibit at the aquarium, and find wild animals that started with the letters from each of our names. 

Alex found the alligators and I found the ostriches, but my favorite animal was when Luke found the lions. It was so cool watching them roam around their enclosure. I was glad that we weren't out in the wild with them. That would have been freaky! 

By the time we finally finished the treasure hunt and headed home we were all pretty tired but agreed it had been one of the most fun days of our life. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to see all the animals and hang out with my family. 

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